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The Iraq

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1. The teams present were the fire and rescue service, police and the paramedics.

  2. The incident was a large one and it took up to four days to clear up so the public service teams would have to work in shifts because it is impossible to work four days with out a break.

  3. Specialist teams were needed to keep the fire under controls and also cause minimum damage to the surroundings. Such as the fire brigade which would stop the fire from spreading to the other oil containers. They also needed the paramedics because many people were injured in the incident.

  4. The consequences of the incident would have been critical, the blaze would have gone out of control and may have become much bigger because it could have caught on to the other oil container. Then it would be much harder to keep the blaze under control.

  5. The public servants main objective was to keep the blaze under control, stop the blaze from spreading and to also warn and keep the public safe from the fumes coming off the flame.

  6. These objectives were met due to the team working together by co-operation and team work.

  7. Camaraderie was needed in this incident so the public service teams would work together and communicate with others and carry out instructions given to them.

  8. The leaders involved in this incident were, Roy Wilsher, Whiteley, and Dr Jane Halpin. These leaders would be identified by the uniforms they were wearing. Each leader had to inform his team about what things they would need to do to contribute to achieve a positive outcome or at least not let anyone of the public or the teams get injured.

  9. It was important that the leaders were communicating with other leaders in this incident; they also had to ensure that their public service team was working quickly and efficiently. This helped because the leaders were all aware of which teams and who was doing what from the teams this would prevent confusion between the public service teams....


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