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Pride and Prejudice

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In Chapter 19 of “Pride and Prejudice”, Mr Collins proposes to Elizabeth. What is Mr Collins attitude to marriage here and in the rest of the novel?
In Chapter 19, of Pride and Prejudice we become aware of Mr Collins’ attitudes to marriage when he proposes to Elizabeth.
Mr Collins is a clergyman and is also Mr. Bennet’s cousin. He has come to Longbourn in Hertfordshire, with little more than a letter to tell them where he shall ‘trespass on your hospitality’, to marry one of the daughters. In the same letter to Mr. Bennet, he makes himself clear that he will be taking the estate off of Mrs. Bennet and the girls, when Mr Bennet dies.
Mr Collins is very formal about marriage. Jane Austen makes us see he has a business-like approach to marriage and clearly does not love the one he is offering marriage to. This also shows that he is very selfish, and only wants what he can have, and does not matter about the feelings of others in his way.
Mr Collins has a very superficial attitude, this links to the above statement, of the two proposals in one week, and this we can see is not very clergyman like, and very unspiritual. He has no humility by his arrogant way to other people. This is neatly put by Elizabeth, ‘Mr Collins is a conceited, pompous, narrow-minded, silly man.’ Elizabeth and Jane clearly show that their attitude to marriage is all about love and respect, from either partner and are therefore not at all inclined to marry someone as selfish as Mr Collins, whereas Charlotte is rightly suited to Mr Collins, in the case of marriage views, as she, like him, believe that you should not marry to someone you love, but to someone you can have as you may not get a second proposal.
Later in the novel, we find out what married life to Mr Collins is really like, when Elizabeth decides to visit Charlotte in Hunsford. We read that Charlotte and Mr Collins practically live on separate sides of the house, and that she has the back of his house to do what she...


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