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Elizabeth Glorioso
Ap Composition
10 February 2010
At a younger age it is easier to grasp any concept such as a language, or a sport. Should it be any different with driving? Driving is a very dangerous task where one must keep in mind of driving safely, and making fast decisions. Starting kids at an early age it will increase there awareness on the road and reactions to other drivers as well. This will make not only one driver safe but many more that choose to drive at an early age.
Many people are still worried about young drivers on the road because they’re young and have less experience. People are worried that young drivers will affect the more experienced drivers by being distraced in the car, texing while driving, loud music, and other passengers in the car. How can this be improved? Some laws have been passed on most of those topics but that does not mean the laws are being enforced. Many drivers at all ages text while driving or blast music, that does not only affect the driver but all others near that driver. Police officers should be more aware of what is going on in cars and consequences should be made. Drivers education should allow students to have more in car logged hours with a certified instructor during the day and night. A driver must be experienced in all conditions and situations to be a better driver. Drivers license test should be a longer and much more complicated test in order to ensure drivers are able to handle the concept of driving. If one is unable to pass a harder test then a point is proved that driving is not for all teenagers at a young age.
If the driving age is changed to eighteen many conflicts would occur such as a parent driving teenagers to school events or activities, or the ability of a teenager having a job with unreliable transportation. Some parents are widowed or single with kids which would make situations far more complcated. Parents at times rely on their older children to take brothers...


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