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"friends are people your comfortable with, but family are people your most comfortable with" - Nntien


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                                Written by: Ashleigh Paige Stephenson

“What does it matter, if we’re black or white? What clothes we wear and if our shoes are on right? What does it matter whether we are young or old? We are all somewhat the same because we all have a soul.”
–Ashleigh Stephenson

There are many prejudices in the world. We all know that, we see it everyday. But that doesn’t mean we have to continue to prejudge people that are different than us. Prejudism is no longer only about white vs. black, but it is still a big deal to some people who believe that blacks do not belong in the world. We also need to know that Prejudism has been around pretty much forever, and that we can never get rid of prejudice all together, however we can work together to lessen Prejudism and begin to accept everyone around us.

To begin, we all know that there is a plethora amount of Prejudism out there in the world today. It has always been around. In the 18th century and 19th century white people were against black people, and even into the 20th century. Based on the book by Harper Lee To Kill a Mockingbird. Prejudism against blacks (or Negros if you prefer) was around well into the 1900s. The civil war had taken place approximately 35 years before, but people continued to dislike the Negro race. The book describes a young girl’s experience living in a racist southern town in the 1900s. Scout (the main character as well as the narrator) defines what a small innocent child sees. She also shows how children see everybody as people but many times children change as they mature and how they are raised determines how they would see the world.

To include, everyone is prejudice one time or another in their life. You may not be racist, but you can still be prejudice based on the way you look at or see the people around you. There is a cliché: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Or the old saying, “It’s not what is on the outside; it’s what is on the...


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