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Alice in wonderland
The children book was written based on the person who used to work for the king who does not get appreciation no matter how he performs. So, he left the palace. When the movie starts, the big person walk out from the sea struggled and won dangerous storm; which might brocks his boat. The symbol of the storm is to show how he is strong no matter how dangerous the situation he was in, he is a survival. The storm was the symbol for the king, howdangerous if you face him or stand on his way. However, the person survived.
The people the second symbol is that the person look big while the others are very little men and women. in this symbol the writer try to express his feelings for the king and for the whole society. because of their sizethey try a lot but showed little output. Their littleness of the king is not only in size it is also in mind, which makes the emperor's ambition seem extremely low.
ailure in lifeInGulliver's first travel, in which he visited Lilliput, Gulliver is faced with the minute people, called Lilliputians. Now while this is the premise for a fantasy story, Swift uses the events within to make severe criticisms of England between reigns of Queen Anne and George the first. The people of Lilliput are about six inches tall, and there size signifies that their motives, acts, and humanity are in the same, dwarfish (Long 276).
In this section, the royal palace is accidentally set on fire, containing the empress inside. Instead of making his way across town, to the ocean, squashing the people of Lilliput as he goes, Gulliver makes use of his urine to save the palace. While this vulgar episode was a display of bravery, it infuriated the emperor, causing revenge to be vowed on Gulliver. Rather thenbe happy that both the emperor and the palace are not in ruin, the littleness of the government and the people in general is displayed in this act. Another display of this is the fact that Gulliver is used as the Emperor's...


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