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The Shot That Ended the War

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The Shot That Ended the War
“Captain Johnson!” shouted Major Jackson, “Get over here! I have some information for you and your squad.”
I told my squad to meet me at main bunker where Major Andrew Jackson was. We all sprinted over there. “Yes, sir.” I reported.
“I have received Intel that there are many British soldiers, far as the eye could see. They are headed toward our defenses, here in New Orleans.” said Jackson.
After the orders were given to me, I examined Jackson’s face. It was covered with sweat. He looked nervous and confused, as if he didn’t want to go into battle with Britain. I could smell the fear on his face. It was almost like his sweat was trying to warn me that he thought we would lose this battle. “Are you alright, sir?” I whispered.
“Of course I am! Who do you think you are? Just get the entire militia ready for this battle. We will not lose this territory!” Jackson replied.
“But sir, we are not ready. Have of my men are wounded and low on ammo.” mentioned Sergeant Adams.
“I wouldn’t worry about that, Adams. This is going to be the toughest conflict you have ever fought. If we are lucky, half of us will live. The British brought almost their entire army.” I tried to scare every single recruit there was because I knew that Major Jackson had some strategy to keep us safe.
Once all of us were in position, we waited for the British. It seemed they would never come. I smelled the fear of every man around me. None of them wanted to die. And I heard a humongous explosion that deafened my ears. I gazed up at the sky. “Oh, my God! Get down!” I exclaimed. The British were firing their cannons all around us. Then I saw them. I didn’t have clear vision, but I saw the red uniforms and black belts and I knew this clash has started.
Muskets were screaming in my ear as I tried to give orders. The British were flanking us from all directions, but we were only facing towards the main British soldiers. Luckily, Major Andrew Jackson spots...


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