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Uniform Benefits

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Uniform Benefits
Thesis: High school students should be required to wear school uniforms.
Even though most students don’t enjoy wearing uniforms, it gives them an equal level of identity and puts them on a level playing field. High school students require more discipline. Thus, school uniforms help students learn more discipline. Students also can receive discipline
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and learn responsibility from school uniforms since they are required to wear their uniforms; it eliminates inappropriate attire atschool. For example, the cities of Detroit and New York City established and instituted the rule of wearing uniforms in their schools so students couldn’t wear
gang attire or colors. Therefore, the requirement of school uniforms helps them comply with school rules. At Fairmont Private School in Anaheim Hills, students were required to wear uniforms. School uniform rules at Fairmont Anaheim Hills there encouraged students to stay morally responsible and we were treated like people going to work. Parents at the school believed this was the most effective way to teach junior high students how to dress appropriately. Also, financially challenged students, who have difficulty keeping up with the latest trends, would be less apt to be bullied. Military uniforms help to instill discipline among army ranks. In these schools, the requirement of uniforms eliminates many bad discipline habits, such as theft, bullying, and other issues. Less fortunate students don’t have to worry about socially fitting in and not worrying about what to wear. In conclusion, high school should allow school uniforms to keep students on the same level of identity.
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Everyone stays away from James and avoids talking to him since his attire is intimidating to others so his schoolmates will not socializewith him. Schoolmates talk about his attire in a way that James feels hurt. If James’ school doesn’t allow gang attire and require uniforms, James wouldn’t be the one who is made to...


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