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January 10, 2009
Block 8
MacBeth is a great warrior and Thane of 2 Lands. He is one of the few who has earned the respect of his people. A broken man who becomes a king. No one would know but where did MacBeth draw the line between correction and corruption?   Sadly MacBeth was captured by Darkness.
MacBeth had been a fine soldier and had been serving his dear king with all his might. He would die for his king him if necessary, but one day something happened to MacBeth that would change his life forever. One day MacBeth was walking through the woods when he was approached by three witches. The witches told MacBeth that his destiny is to become the new king. One would think this is the grandest news but to MacBeth this is horrible news because the king is part of his family and the currant king would have to go.
McBeth is obviously not very smart because he becomes distracted and would actually consider the devils word. One might say the super natural is seeking him out. Imagine how he must of felt, knowing that one way or another his king will die. MacBeth was haunted by the image of his kings blood being spilt by his own hands. .
The witches must of gotten to him because McBeth’s conscience is fading, devoured by delusion and confusion. By this time MacBeth is having a emotional conflict within himself. Sadly MacBeth is on the loosing side, his present fears are less scary then what’s in his mind. Unfortunately convinced by the forces of evil and the unreal images in his head MacBeth was stupid enough to murder his own family member, the king. That’s how MacBeth was captured by darkness.


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