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Churchills Finest Hour

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Churchill’s finest hour was a speech made by the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Winston Churchill, on June 18th 1940. In this speech to the House of Commons, Prime Minister Winston Churchill discussed the disastrous turn of events in Europe with the realization that Britain now stands alone against the seemingly unstoppable German military.
The Nazi’s over powered all of Europe during world war two and were taking over every country in their way, and it was up to Britain to finally stop Hitler and his army.   This speech made by Churchill played a huge part in the war against Hitler.   Even though there was no action involved, Churchill inspired Britain and the rest of Europe to find that inner strength to fight for what you believe in and not be transformed into monsters. This speech was heard by people all over the world to let the fallen countries know that Britain was going to fight for all Europe in any way it could, whether it be in the air, the sea, or the ground, to fight off the Nazi’s and bring Europe back to normal and end this great war.   When Britain did not fight against the Germans when they invaded France, it showed Hitler that not all countries were backing each other and this gave him the upper hand in the war.   After Churchill’s speech, all of Europe rallied behind Britain to overpower Hitler, and it inspired the lost souls, and gave them hope that Germany can be beaten.

Churchill said to the House of Commons, “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat”, all of these would be required if Britain wanted to win the war.   Churchill knew he was going to lose many men, but they will have died fighting for their countries and their beliefs.   This quote by Churchill showed the House of Commons that it was going to be very painful for Britain to fight but in the end, the world will be grateful of them and all that they have accomplished.   Churchill had had one goal in mind when addressing the people. Victory, He knew that at all...


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