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In the poem “Ice” the author uses Metaphors to create a feeling of emptiness to the reader. This poem is about an old man who feels death approaching him and for some reason he knew he would be leaving this world soon. The man makes ice-grips for shoes and has a daughter. When he felt he was going to leave, all he wanted was to not leave empty because he was going to die and leave his daughter and what he loved to do. In “Ice” Mary Oliver used Metaphors to make the reader feel empty.
Mary Oliver used Metaphors to make the reader feel empty. For instance, the text says, “He sensed travel at the edge of his mind” (12) In other words this says that without even thinking about his death he could already say he was going to die. Another example from the text is, “Not to be sent alone out over the black ice” (26) By this it said, black ice is been compared to death’s path and the old man doesn’t want to die alone. And for last the text also says, “So many pairs of ice-grips, cartons, and suitcases stuffed” (33-34) This means that the old man is going to have to leave everything when he dies and once he is dead he no longer will have anything with him. This is how the author’s use of metaphors created a feeling of emptiness to the reader by comparing black ice to death’s path. In addition by using descriptive words to show how the father felt about his death and having to leave this world empty.
All in all this is how the use of metaphors in “Ice” by Mary Oliver made the reader feel empty. He created this feeling by using a comparison of black ice to death’s path and silence to emptiness. Also by the use of descriptive words to show how the father felt when he knew he was going to die. The use of metaphors in the poem was important because the reader was able to understand and to tell how the father was feeling.


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