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The Effects of Consumerism on the Environment

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We are at present in a situation where the planet’s ecology is not coping with all the pollution because of a huge,

continuously increasing, consumer demand. This excessive demand for consumer goods has created most of the current

ecological imbalances. These ecological imbalances will become a much greater problem than most people expect this

to be. These imbalances have already caused ecological disasters in different places all over the world, with many

more to follow.

This rate of consumption is increasing at an alarming rate. This will cause enormous ecological devastation in the

future, to the extent that around 2025, people will need to complete major changes in their lifestyles to avoid the

worst possible scenario.

The greenhouse gas effect is now so great that around 2015, the whole planet will experience the result of rising

temperatures in a far more severe way than most people will expect.

While most people have begun to notice that the climate is changing they may not have understood that these climate

changes are the forerunner of a much more serious problem. As a result most people are not altering their

lifestyles, reducing their ecological footprint, resulting in a further increase of the present ecological


With the continuing increase in environmental damage there will come a time where this will reach a point of no

return, whereby the planet will no longer be able to support its own functioning. It is expected that by the year

2025, the planet will no longer be able to cope with the severe ecological damage. This will mainly be caused due

to present geological stresses, further increase of global warming, and further destruction of the planet’s ecology

which is so needed by the planet to provide support for its overall functioning.

It is of benefit for people to look at how they live their life and what they can do to change their lifestyle, so

that an excessive...


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