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The Right of Speech in China

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A great many U.S. TV dramas like 24 Hours and Prison Break have been recently received an extremely welcome in China, especially among young people. Apart from the appealing plot, one of the things that fascinates me most is the narratition about the negative behavior of government officials such as horror and avarice, when they- including U.S. President- were facing crisis and temptation. Unfortunately, matters like that can’t pass the government censorship and also banned to be discussed in public with any kinds of form in China. The reason why such TV dramas are so popular in China, I am convinced, is just the freedom in expressing people’s feeling, not only the individual emotion, but the political demands.

Although there is no absolutely freedom in the world, in the conditions of law and morality permitting, artists should be encouraged to express their ideas in any forms instead of being restricted. It is a typical characteristic of democracy. It’s true that a few art products criticize or imply the darkness of society and incompetence of government, but a sensible and democratic government is capable of learning from such art products and endeavor to avoid such stupid behavior. To some extent, It just provide the government an opportunity to self-improvement if such products get a highly success. Besides, limiting sensitive products of artists which reflect the affairs that the government dislikes and doesn’t want the citizen to see hinders the progress of the society, and also deprives people of the right to hear various voices. To promote the social development such as the progress of democracy, we need to learn things from different views, especially some art products which arouse people’s awareness and sympathetic responses. Additionally, the restriction that government exerts on artist suppresses the creative enthusiasm and is not conducive to prosper culture.

Overall, to restrict artist to express their own ideas is not advisable, for except the...


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