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Some people agree that human has damaged the earth other believe vice versa.

When we look at our earth from the time we were born to the present day, we can see lots of changes by own eyes due to rapid deforestation and industrialization. I feel that people keep themselves busy in order to fulfill their demands but do not care about environmental damages, extinction of animals and global warming which are threatening every one of us. Though some people think that our earth is being a nice place to live due to technological innovations leading to sophisticated life styles, I believe that there has been more damaged due to deforestation, industrialization, pollution and global warming.

The concept of this statement is just to do the analysis of people’s perception about the damage caused by people to a planet called earth where we live eventually but some people don’t agree that they have caused damaged so here we will give some reasons to accept that human activities are causing damage to our planet.

      • human activities
      • pollution
      • environment
      • deforestation
      • population
      • urbanization
      • bombs&war
      • development of earth
      • minerals
      • lands
      • architecture facilities
      • cave of modern homes

"Human activity is putting such strain on the natural functions of Earth that the ability of the planet's ecosystems to sustain future generations can no longer be taken for granted,"

First of all, people are cleaning up the forest (deforestation) in order to build more industries leading to extinction of some animals from our world. For instance, by cutting all bamboo trees, panda bears will get extinct due to the lack of their habitat. Moreover, people will be deprived of fresh air because of smoke emitting from industries. Similarly, water quality will degrade as it mix up with industrial chemicals making it hazardous for drinking. In...


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