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Some families decide not to buy televisions because they influence   the development of the creativity of children. What is your opinion?     many academic institutions did enomorous researches on the influences of electronic products. the result of study reflect that the merit of influence of the electrical equipments outweight their disadvantage. therefore, the current phenomenon, many families argue that the TV set has bad effection on children creativity, is incorrect.
first of all, the proliferation of technology provide more convenience way for children to attain information. TV is not the only way to receive media information. youngsters could watch vedios through iphone, PDA, etc. therefore, it is unwise to impede the utilization of televisions. secondly, a recent research conducted by california university proved that the televisions are dominant mediafor youngsters to absord new knowledge. As a matter of fact, the television is a cornerstone for our next generations to recognize the world, which is good for the development of critical and logical thinking.
even so, some television programs are detrimental for children mental development, beacause many porngraphic and violent elements are filled with TV programs. however, if parents could pay more attentions on their children's favorite programs, these sorts of problems could be combated easily.
moreover, there are many other methods to assist parents to supervise the "unhealty" TV channels, which could effectively prohibt young fellows access to detrimental programs.
overall, young generation could profit from televisions, although there are some demerits. the educationists' theories are powerful evidence for my opioions, so there is no requirment to avoid the proliferation of TV sets. from the other side, the goverment should take action to supervise the contents of TV programs and restrict "unhealthy" components.


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