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One Languge Isnt Enough

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*Put the adjectives in the right form:

1. The village is _________________ than the city. (pretty)

2-This is the __________________ highway in the country. (wide)

3- That was the ___________________ sunset I have ever seen. (red)

4-His building is __________________ than the one next to it. (big)

5- Your watch is _____________________ than mine. (slow)

6-Yesterday was the ___________________ day of the year. (cold)

7- Her roses smell ___________________ than ours. (sweet)

8-This is the ___________________ way to do it. (easy)

9- The corner store is ________________ than the supermarket. (close)

10-The kitchen is the _____________-______ room in the house. (clean)

11 The temperature is __________________ today than it was yesterday. (high)

12-This is the _________________ model currently available. (new)

13 This is the ______________________ cake I have ever eaten. (sweet)

14His cat is _____________________ than yours. (fat)

15 We arrived _____________________ than she had expected. (soon)

16-The third act is the ___________________ part of the play. (sad)

17- It is ______________________ on this side of the valley. (sunny)

18-The _______________ temperature on record was minus forty degrees. (low)

19- She is ______________________ than her sister. (young)

20-That is probably the ______________________ thing to do. (wise)

21- The afternoon is usually ____________________ than the morning. (hot)

22- He is ____________________ than you are. (weak)

23- The table is __________________ at this end. (low)

24- This book is ____________________ than that one. (thin)

25- The bag is _____________________ than the suitcase. (heavy)

26-Pam is a ______ student than Roger. (good)

27-Business is ____________ this year than it was last year. (good)

28- The pears are _______________ than the plums. (hard)

29- The roses are ______________ than the nasturtiums. (beautiful)

30- The tomatoes are...


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