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Confidence Is What We Fake

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Confidence is What We Fake
I’m frustrated with you
No one frustrates me more than I do
You, but screwed up
A liar that’s been lied to
Confidence is what they say and preach
They teach, and we’re taught
Confident is what we know
Not what we are
You lie, but why?
Truth hurts them
This hurts you
If they only knew you
Be replaced, become nothing
Problems are your doing
Found out, if they knew
My fears would be true
Do they even know you?
Confident is what we know
Not what we are
Amber Epps
ENG 102
Dr. Lovinguth
March 5, 2010
Confidence is What We Fake
“Confidence is What We Fake,” a short poem written by me, is about the frustrations of most people, but says many things that go unspoken throughout our lives. It looks upon touchy subjects. This poem most likely will affect teenage girls, since it was written by one. There is a lot of personal meaning in the poem, and a lot of my own life experiences. Maybe the poem can help other people, though; if not to give advice in some way, just to give an empathetic feeling. This might help someone else know that they are not alone in whatever they go through.
In the first stanza of the poem, the reader sees anger and disappointment. The reader does not feel sympathy for the writer, due to the last line. Although everyone has been lied to, it is no excuse to be a liar as well. The reader also might be confused with two lines of the poem at first. “I’m frustrated with you/No one frustrates me more than I do” (1,2). This could mean the writer is frustrated with someone as well as herself. But, it is possible that the poem is speaking from two sides of the mind- the somewhat more “conscious” side and the side that acts without thinking.
At some point during life, one makes a terrible decision. Not a normal, innocent accident, but an outright bad decision. Even though the consequences might not seem so cruel, the decision will haunt the person for the...


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