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Summary of My Personal Book
Jez is a Huntress with scarlet red hair and eyes that are neither silver nor blue. Her gang like to do nothing more than hunt down another gang. A human gang, of course.
One night the gang are hunting as usual when Jez has a flashback about her mother. She never knew her mother or father. They were killed when she was four years old. She knew how her parents died, it was vampire hunters. Her father had managed to take her to his brother’s house before he died. Her uncle Bracken had raised her since.
Jez knew everything about her father; he was a vampire going back to Hunter Redfern. But her mother, she didn’t know anything about. Jez considered her to be human. It wasn’t possible though night law forbids it to fall in love with a human. That would make her a vampire-human freak. And anyone like that would be classed as a freak.
Anxious to find the truth she confronts her Uncle Bracken. He tells her everything and that she really is half- human half- vampire. Knowing that she would never be accepted by her gang and night world Jez leaves and goes to live with her mother’s side of the family. The humans. While there she becomes a vampire hunter stalking her own kind to protect the humans.
While there the wild powers start coming back to life and only Jez can stop them. First though she has to find the four wild powers. It’s going to be a tough ride. They may be closer than she thinks! The vampires are getting more and more powerful by the second while the humans fall into oblivion.
On her journey she has to return back to her gang in order to get to know the facts, but will they welcome her with open arms or choose to follow night world law by killing her. Because when you abandon your group and come back the price is murder.
This is a great book with a good, exciting story. It is written by L.J.Smith and is volume 3 of the Night World collection.
By Zenny Saheel 3MR


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