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Children Punishment

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At no time in history has a culture been so focused on children’s education as we are today. As a result, the issue of whether punishment should be used as a tool to educate children at an early age aroused the public’s attention. I am of the opinion that punishment is a very effective way to discipline children. In this essay, I would like to explain my view and try to put forward some suggestion on what kind of punishment is appropriate.

Some people claim that punishment will do nothing to kids and forcing ideas upon them is useless, however, they are oversimplifying the situation. From my point of view, the punishment moderated by instructions, which means it should not do harm to the physical and psychic health of children, is one of the most efficient methods to discipline children. It is the fact that everyone was born with no consciousness of right and wrong. Therefore, there is a need for a child to be taught through such proper means as punishment, which is a direct way to make one sure what he or she did could lead to a disagreeable result. Since this, punishment gives child a strong impression and enables them to be well disciplined initially. Conversely, without a lesson which exerts an influence on children deeply and makes them be aware clearly, similar mistakes might happen again.

On the other hand, compared with physical punishment, which will result in children’s anger and disgust towards parents’ opinion, mental punishment is widely suggested by educationists. The detailed methods include distraction of their pocket money, imposing extra duties like more housework and deprivation of their entertainment time to some extent. No matter what kind of methods we take, it is worth mentioning that children should not be deprived of their basic human rights through punishment.

In conclusion, taking into accounts all the discussion above, I believe that punishment plays an important role in children’s growing.


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