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Alcoholism - Essay 8

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     Causes of Alcoholism Alcoholism has become a dramatically important health concern in America today. Alcoholism is a fairly common problem. In fact, it has become the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Many people have to deal with this disease on a daily basis. People become addicted to alcohol just like any other drug. Some people do not consider alcohol a drug, but it can affect the body in similar ways. “Alcohol has about the same addiction potential as cocaineâ€? (Prentiss). “In 1956, the American Medical Association named alcoholism as a diseaseâ€? (Prentiss13). Alcoholism has serious health risks such as cirrhosis, cardiomyopathy, and certain cancers. “Alcoholism is prevalent in 20 percent of all adult hospital inpatientsâ€? (Thompson). Many people do not think that alcohol is a drug, but it can affect the body negatively as any other drug would. “Alcohol affects virtually every organ system in the body and, in high doses, can cause coma and deathâ€? (Thompson). So, how can alcoholism be prevented? If we know the warning signs and causes of this disease we can avoid it. Alcoholism is caused by genetics, misuse, and depression. Family medical history affects everyone’s health in one way or another. If my grandmother had cancer then I am at higher risk for having cancer later in life. “Genetic research shows that 50 percent of vulnerability to alcoholism is linked to genetics and the other 50 percent it triggered by environment, such as cultures where heavy drinking is commonâ€? (Join Together). Alcoholism is a disease that is passed down genetically as many other conditions are. “Whether reared by biologic or adoptive parents, sons of males with alcoholic problems are four times more likely to have problems with alcohol than sons or persons who are notâ€? (Thompson). Also, genetic ethnicity plays a part in alcohol tolerance. Many Japanese, Chinese, and Jewish people carry the genes that protect against alcoholism. These genes increase...


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