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Sarah Abutaleb                                                                 June 2, 2009

        It is routine when one of the parents or both of them wake up in the morning and go to work because it is the custom of life that God has created us for. Everyone needs a job so they can afford daily demands. In addition, if you are a married person, you are responsible to feed your children, educate them and provide all their needs. Nevertheless, it is getting harder to find a good job that fits and covers everything you want. Unemployment percentage has actually increased. It has jumped up to 8.1 percent in the year 2009 and that is the highest level in more than 25 years! How many of them will come home to nothing, nowhere to go, or no one to work for? That is why I will do my essay about this important subject; it will cover the main reasons of unemployment and its effects.

        The first main reason for unemployment is the economic recession. Recently prices of products rose to above average limit. Thereby, people are unable to purchase the same things they used to buy before. For instance, if a person usually buys a jar of jam that costs SR 10 every month, now it will be hard to buy the same size for its more expensive. It will cost more than SR 15, which is a big difference. Therefore, people face a hard time getting everything they used to get. As a result, companies and factories start to downsize their employees or to lower their salaries. Moreover, companies and factories cannot afford the suitable salary for their employees.

          The second reason is importing products from outside. When a country imports products from outside without any local productions, this means that factories do not need local employees anymore. The reason why this happens is that factories are satisfied with the imported products they have. In fact, a country can introduce cheaper products from abroad because of the cheaper labor there, they receive...


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