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Binge drinking is when a person takes in five or more consecutive drinks without giving their body time to ingest any of the alcohol. This is very dangerous to a person’s body and well being and causes many problems. In fact, a study released in April 2002 from the National Institutes of Health indicated that at least 1,400 college students die each year of binge drinking. Binge drinking also contributes to about 500,000 injuries and 70,000 sexual assaults among college students, says the report.

t and not tired. There is good evidence emerging that the main cause of hangover is acute withdrawal from alcohol, which causes cells in the brain to physically change in response to the alcohol’s presence. When the alcohol is gone, a person goes through withdrawal until those cells get used to doing without the alcohol. Withdraw is when a cell is used to something in it’s environment, and that something such as alcohol is removed, causing a person to sometimes shake, vomit, or sweat uncontrollably in response to the removal.

Long-term heavy drinkers put themselves at risk for developing several health problems. Heavy drinking can cause liver problems, brain damage, and harm to the fetus during pregnancy. Perhaps the most well-known disease related to heavy consumption of alcohol according to the American Liver Foundation is cirrhosis of the liver, in which liver cells to die off and are replaced by permanent non-functioning scar tissue. The liver soon becomes less able to cleanse the blood and regulate its composition. Liver disease is another of the more common problems linked with a high alcohol intake; it can cause varicose veins in the stomach lining which may have been swelling up due to liver blockage to suddenly burst, and the bleeding can be very difficult to stop. Brain damage can occur if a person drinks enough to go into a coma. The person may never wake up, and if they do, their brain may not be able to over-come the amount of poison that it has come...


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