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I think anyone that has ever thought of attending college gets a little nervous at first. Just the thought of juggling a career and your family while attending college is enough to make you wince. But thankfully, Axia College online and it’s professors have provided an abundance of information and online tools arranged to help their students succeed and reach their goals.
Using Axia’s Educational Resources
Axia College online has quite a few resources available on its student website. Students have access to different resources by clicking the library tab from the home page on Axia’s e-campus website. The University Library provides a large selection of books, articles, dissertations and thesis database used to research or cite information you will need for your academic career. The library also features an online encyclopedia and dictionary for your use. With all of these materials available, Axia’s e-campus website makes distance learning a successful and pleasing experience.
Upholding Academic Honesty
Upholding Academic Honesty is one of the most important things that you can do while attending Axia College online. It means that you, as the student should remain honest in your studies. Here is a list of things you should avoid doing:
• Altering or misusing documents
• Misrepresenting
• Impersonating
• Providing false information regarding the completion of course sections or assignments
• Plagiarize
• Cheating
To sum it all up, Academic Honesty is to give credit where credit is due and don’t use other peoples work as your own. It is alright to ask questions but you should always write everything in your own words.
Setting and Achieving Goals
My plan for setting and achieving goals is to first figure out what I want to achieve. Then I would layout a short term goal plan to assist me in reaching my long term goals. Such as me receiving my Associates degree, my short term goal would be for me to keep up with my participation in class, hand in all my...


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