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Fan Fic

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Jason and the chosen ones were given a note the other day that said that the government was waiting for them in an abandon mansion. and needed to talk. Mark a shadower said we have to go now don't we?. Yupz said jason. They gathered their things and headed to the abandon mansion. Tammy a bishop sensed a disturbance inside. Jason i sense something bad inside tammy whispered to jason. I know i do too but thats why we gotta check it out replied jason. Once inside there was five figures of great evil waiting for them by the staircase. Who are you guys asked jason. You dont recognize me? said the bowman. LILLY! yelled jason. Yeah thats right and im with the other dark chosen ones said lilly. Dark? but you were good said jason. Not until we met the black mage. He taught us well in the arts that the dark lord or athena could have taught us said a night lord, brandon. Yeah well i guess we just have to change u guys back to be good said Jake, a bucc. Yeah well it won't be that easy, your gnna have to put up a good fight in order for us to change said Mike, a hero. Sigh mike is that you why said Ann a dragon knight as there was tears in her eyes. You've become soft ann, that will be your downfall said mike. Hey we're suppose to fight the black mage and prevail, not fight each other said tammy. Yeah well change of plans, now prepare to fight said lilly. I guess we have to, put up your weapons said jason. The chosens one put up their weapons as well as the dark chosen ones. Stars and arrows are flying everywhere. Holy arrow and chain lighting was exploding everywhere. Spear and Sword were clashing with each other. Jason runs into a room in the mansion and lilly follows close by. Lilly using hurricane to fire dark arrows at jason but jason luckily dodges. Mark being a close range fighter and Brandon being a long range fighter, mark can't seem to get in close enough. Tammy teleports out of the way as Lynn an arch mage of ice and lighting is firing lighting at her. Jake can't get...


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