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This paper is all about Flappers. What they were all about along with the lifestyle and changes they made in the lives of many teenagers and young women. “Mother, when you were a girl, did you find it a bore to be a virgin?” This paper will answer that question and give you the juicy inside details. These girls wanted to change things up for what they thought was the better.
They Flapper girls were all about changing things up. They didn’t just want to stay with the same ol’ same ol’ hum drum stuff. Such as staying home and settling down in the prime of their lives like everyone else. They wanted to live in the moment, and make their own decisions about their lives. They lived for the moment. They thought whatever happens, happens for a reason. They spoke their own language. Some of their words were Apple knocker was a hick, cake basket was a limousine and a tomato was a good looking girl with no brains. Instead of staying home and preparing for a man who might not come home, they spent their time enjoying what life had to offer. They weren’t just about languages; they wanted to make a stand.
Their ideas spread throughout the U.S. and Europe by movies. One of the movies was IT by Clara Bow. The movie was a big idea spreader that was defined as the sexual allure some girls have and others, just don’t. In the movie she spent her time laying around doing nothing, otherwise they were drinking, dancing and hanging around with free thinkers. They basically just wanted to let it be known that there were bigger and better things then what was known.
Flappers are all about rebellion. They did things different, and wanted to spread their ideas throughout the world. You didn’t have to be the same as the rest of the people around you. You can be you. What if you were in this time? Would you step out and join the fight to be different or would you be like the others and think they were crazy?


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