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GSCE 1CT-page 22

Questions 1-8
1. The first 6 letters on a normal keyboard are ‘qwerty‘.
2. The difference between normal keyboard and concept keyboards is that concept keyboards are faster and more limited.
3. A mouse usually had two main parts,. There are usually two or three buttons, when the pointer is over an icon, menu item or the edge of a picture, the mouse buttons can be clicked or double clicked to give the computer a demand. A button can also be held down to drag something across the screen. Also mice tell the computer the direction and speed they are pushed. Older mice use a ball, the ball rotates when the mouse moves and sensors measured movement of the ball in two directions.
4. A difference between a touch-sensitive pad and a mouse is that touch-sensitive pads look like little screens that you move your finger across the pad and it moves the pointer.
5. When an image is put through a scanner it converts images into digital data.
6. OCR- optical character recognition.
MICR- magnetic ink character recognition
OMR- optical mark recognition
They are different because, MICR and OMR are used for registers where as OCR software can read text.
7. Microphones - they are used to put data into voice-recognition systems, which convert sound into text or commands for the computer. They are used to record sound so it can stored digitally and sent over the internet or e-mail.
Light pens - these work similar to touch screens except you can use the pen on the screen instead of your finger. They can be used to click menus, buttons and even draw pictures with special software.
Digital cameras - these are a bit like scanners. They save an image as a series of dots called pixels. The image can then be uploaded onto the computer and edited using photo-editing software. Most digital cameras can also record videos.
Laser scanners - used in supermarkets and libraries. They are used to read a bar code which contains data about the product being scanned....


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