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Cell Analogy Project

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Cell Analogy Project

-A plasma membrane is to a cell as border patrol is to a city.
-Just as a plasma membrane acts as a selective barrier that allows only certain products in and out of the cell, border patrol decides who and what are allowed to come into the city.
-The plasma membrane is made of a double layer of phospholipids with various attached or embedded proteins, which allows it to act as a selective barrier for the cell.

-The nucleus is to a cell as city hall is to a city.
-Just as the nucleus of a cell contains the information and controls the activity of the cell, City hall contains all the information of a city and controls how the city is regulated.
-The nucleus is made up of chromatin, nucleolus, and a nuclear envelope, and it contains the genetic information of the cell, and controls its activity.

-The nuclear envelope is to a cell, as city hall’s lockable doors are to a city.
-Just as the nuclear envelope acts as a selectively permeable outer layer for the nucleus in a cell, the lockable doors of city hall are used to decide who or what can be brought in and out of city hall
-The nuclear envelope is a double layered of made up of phospholipids, which is perforated by pores, and it separates the nucleus from the cytoplasm, and it is selectively permeable

-Chromatin is to the cell, as the blueprints of a city are to a city.
-Just as chromatin contains information on the construction of the cell, Blueprints of a city contain information on how the city was made.
-Chromatin is made up of DNA and proteins, and it contains information on how to make the cell.

-Ribosomes are to the cell as a brickyard is to the city.
-Just as Ribosomes make up proteins which are essential for the building and activity in a cell, the brickyard makes bricks which are essential in the building of a city.
-Ribosomes are round structures with multiple copies of rRNA that manufacture proteins

-Rough and smooth Endoplasmic reticulum is to a cell as...


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