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Blues Brothers

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The Blues Brothers movie is based off of a Saturday Night Live skit. This is the second highest grossing film to come from SNL, second only to Wayne’s World. This is a 1980 comedy musical film written by Dan Aykroyd and John Landis and directed by John Landis features many stars. The two main ones are John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd who play Joliet “Jake” Blues and Elwood Blues. The opening act shows Jim Belushi getting out of the Joliet state prison in Illinois, picked up by his brother Dan Aykroyd and then jumping a draw bridged rising with an old Plymouth police car known as the “Bluesmobile”. On the way to see Sister Mary Stigmata at the St. Helen Orphanage where they were raised at; Elwood fills Jake in on what has been going on while he was in jail for the last three years. The Nun notifies them that the orphanage is going to be sold to the board of education unless they can come up with five thousand dollars. Now they receive their holly mission to raise the money in a legal way in order to redeem their selves and save the orphanage at the same time. Curtis (Cab Calloway) who works at the orphanage and started the blues brothers out on jazz and blues by singing to them when they were younger directs them to “Get to Church!” Curtis was, without a doubt, the “Father Figure” for the brothers while they were growing up. The role models you are surrounded with as a child does have a strong impact on who you become as an adult.
Now this dynamic duo arrives at the Triple Rock Baptist church which is a church that worships with dance and much emotion. Reverend Cleophus James (James Brown) is the pastor and proceeds to give the sermon. Divine light shines down through a stained glass window and illuminates John Bulishi. That is when he gets the revelation to get” The Band” together to generate the money needed. They get pulled over by an Illinois state trooper for speeding that initiates a car chase, Elwood assures Jake that...


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