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Benefitting from Education

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Benefiting From Education
There are many key elements to living a successful and satisfying life, but one of the most important elements is the element of education. Education breaks us out of our shell, making it easier for us to get good jobs to support ourselves and our families, allows us to enjoy everyday activities we love doing, and ultimately allowing us to reach our fullest potential in life.
One of the main benefits of education is the advantage one gets pertaining to job qualifications. With the current state of the economy, it's a lot more difficult to get a job as opposed to 10 years ago, for example. Within just the past 10 years the unemployment rate has more than doubled, and without education in certain areas it can be even harder to get employment (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Some occupations, flight attendants, dentists, and physical therapist assistants for example, won’t even accept an application if the person applying hasn’t completed a certain 'level of education', like high school or college degrees, specific or not. So completing these levels of education can be essential to getting a job much easier, and getting the experience you need to get an even better job or move up the ladder in whatever field of work you're in.
It is also statistically proven that people who drop out of school face more problems later in life as opposed to people who graduate. Recent statistics show that dropouts will earn $200,000 less than high school graduates and over $800,000 less than college graduates in their lives. Also, dropouts make up nearly half of the households on welfare and nearly half of the prison population (School Dropouts: New Information about an Old Problem).
Not only does education affect our careers, but the things we enjoy doing in everyday life also benefit from education, allowing us to further participate in these activities. People who are into music can definitely benefit from a good education. Some songs have deeper...


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