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"On the outside its full of leaves, but on the inside its bare and empty" - SETH


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The Horrified Smell of a Filthy Room
Oh my my my! What have we here! My my my!! We think they call it filthy room. My sister and I were cleaning up our room this weekend, and in the process I found all sorts of junk that I had forgotten about. Of course, I wanted to retain everything I saw; otherwise, I would not have stashed it there in the first place. After consulting with my sister who shares these premises with me, she convinced me to haul all of my trash to the Dump. I cringe at the thought of having to brave the disastrous place that is there. Having a filthy room should be outlawed in the United States Constitution.
Visually looking into my room from the living room, my room looked like a trash can. The area was surrounded by dust, cobwebs on the ceiling, cobwebs under the furniture, and you could write your name in the dust on the dresser. As my eyes gazed, on this disarray I felt perplexed, as to what I should do first to correct this horrible situation. The paint on the ceiling and the walls was buckling. The ceiling paint seems to have brown spots around it, as if there was a leak in the attic. “Perhaps we have a leak in our roof?” I’ll have my dad get up on the roof to look at it.
Upon entering my room I noticed a vivid odor coming from my trash basket. Apparently I forgot to remove my trash bag from my trash can. Moments later, a roach was dragging a putrid McDonald’s rapper across the room. Which contained a very odorific portion of last night’s dinner. It contained such a smell I had to clean out the basket with Clorox water to freshen up the basket for later use. I wondered how anyone could walk in this foul environment and remain healthy, either physically or mentally.
In my estimation, the room was so bad you could almost taste the disgusting odor coming from it. It was apparent to me that I forgot to clean my room for the past few months. It’s no wonder I can hardly eat my mother’s dinner after leaving that room. Throughout my...


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