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      What exactly is “Gymnastics,”?   Gymnastics is a sport where a contestant performs acrobatic exercises on different gymnasium equipment.   Gymnastics requires concentration, determination, self confidence, and a lot of practice. There are many different types of gymnastic events; Men’s events, Women’s events, and children event’s. Along with that there are different stages the gymnast competes in like floor, pommel horse, the rings, and ect. The thing about gymnastics is it’s a fun sport to watch and an even more fun sport to experience.
      Two or more teams compete in a gymnastics meet, which takes place in a gymnasium. Men’s and women have different meets. Judges watch each and every gymnast’s performance, called a routine, there they decided the score of which the gymnast has earned.
      Friedrich Jahn, a German, school teacher was the first man to build the first modern gymnastics equipment in the early 1800’s. Gymnastics has been part of the Olympics Games since the modern Olympics began in 1896. During the 1970’s worldwide television coverage of the Olympics helped gymnastics grow as a sport.
      Gymnastics helps develop balance, endurance, flexibility, and strength. A good gymnast must devote most of their time to practicing. Most women gymnasts reach their peak in their teens. The top performers in men’s gymnastics average 21 years old.
      In the Men’s gymnastic meets there are six events that are held in a set order. These events in order of performance are the (1) floor exercise, (2) pommel horse, (3) rings, (4) long horse vault, (5) parallel bars, and (6) horizontal bar.   The men who compete in all six events are called all-around gymnasts. Those who enter only one or two events are called specialists.
      The floor is preformed on a mat that measures about 40ft. square. The gymnast performs a continuous series of movements that require balance, flexibility, and strength. They do handsprings, leaps, somersaults in the...


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