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Week 9 Day 7 Mocha Presentation

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My strongest intelligence is the naturalistic which is good because I love nature and the outdoors. I especially love the animals that live in it. Whenever I am stressed out, I like to take a walk in the woods and just enjoy the sounds of nature. It is definitely a stressreliever for me. I also like studying about all different types of animals that live in nature’s habitat - it really gives me a spark of interest.
_The Three Web Sites_
The first site reinforced my understanding of my naturalistic Intelligence by reading each paragraph and knowing how important nature is to people especially kids - this site talks about how children enjoy being outside in nature. It also says that for people with naturalistic intelligence it may be easier for them to categorize things easier. It also talks about how if kids have an interest in nature at an early age, then most likely they would be interested in clarifying, or reading about things from nature like rocks, fossils, butterflies, feathers, shells , and etc.
The second site reinforced my understanding of my naturalistic Intelligence because the second site talks about students with a naturalistic intelligence-it says how they are organized, how they like to make collections of material as well as sorting and organizing it. They also like to enjoy responding to semantic mapping activities. Then it also talks about technologies that stimulate this intelligence which is magnifying glass, telescope, database and so on.
The third site reinforced my understanding of my naturalistic Intelligence because it talks about the wonders of nature such as insects, hiking park trails, the moon, stars, rocks, and so on. To me I think nature is great because it has so many things to learn about and how animals live in...


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