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Affects of Trials on Marriage

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2. Summery:
Arch and Linda Hamilton were two people who were joined together happily in marriage.   They were happy until one day some terrible news was discovered.   Linda had cancer.   The two were very shocked by the news, and didn’t know how to deal with it.  
Linda underwent many cancer treatments, and her husband came right along with her.   He stayed by her side the entire time.   They struggled, but never gave up on God, or their marriage.   “Now,” said Arch, “looking back I can see where God was working, even though we didn’t see it then.”   After countless treatments, and many prayers, The couple was having their doubts.   Suddenly, Arch had an inner epiphany.
One day, after Linda had been in the hospital for awhile, Arch decided to come in to see her.   He pulled up to the hospital, and parked his car.   He opened the door, and exited the vehicle.   As soon as he stood up on his two feet, he felt God tell him that it was in his hands.   God didn’t tell him that she would make it out alive, but that it was in his hands, and not to worry.   Arch said “He didn’t say that the surgery would turn out ok, simply that He was in control.”
He went into the hospital, and saw his wife. He told her what happened to him, and a certain peace fell upon both of them.   They were at peace.   He was looking at his wife, and then took himself mentally away for awhile, and talked to God.   “I talked to God and told Him that I knew that He could heal her, and she could get up out of that bed and walk out of the hospital.   I also knew he could take her home.”   These are also things that Arch said himself.   A few moments later, the Lord did indeed take Linda Home.   In this whole experience, Arch came closer to God in this experience, and his marriage was stronger than it had ever been.
3. Personal insight:
There truly is nothing to agree or disagree with, but I like the fact that they couple stayed together even in the hardest of ties, and that they grew closer to God, even when times...


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