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Hazing - Paper

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Hazing is a hazardous and risky type of bullying, but is often misconstrued as a form of bonding. Hazing is an old, well-known tradition, not only in college fraternities, but in sororities, the military, athletic teams, and student organizations at both high school and college levels. Hazing involves involuntary acts that could just be innocent fun, but are usually highly dangerous, illegal, and emotionally damaging. “‘Hazing’ refers to any activity expected of someone joining a group (or to maintain full status) that humiliates, degrades or risks emotional and/or physical harm, regardless of the person's willingness to participate” (Keim). Most victims of hazing go through with the acts in hopeful regards to be accepted and thought highly of. Sometimes they may be intimidated or fearful, but are so concerned with wanting to be recognized that they undergo peer pressure and follow through with the unintelligent acts.   Many incidents involving hazing are intended to be harmless and innocent fun, they can quickly escalate into something more serious and dangerous. Although 44 states have laws against hazing, a federal law needs to be inducted to show more seriousness about abolishing hazing all over the United States.
Hazing in college, probably one of the most dangerous of all instances, is the most common and consistent variety of hazing. In many cases, the acts of initiation are harmless and considered funny, but in some cases the innocent act ends up with an unexpected result. As an example, 25 year old Michael Davis wanted to join a fraternity called Kappa Alpha Psi at Southeast Missouri State University. As part of the initiation, Davis and other pledges were pummeled, body slammed and kicked repeatedly by senior fraternity members. As a result of losing consciousness, Davis died of trauma to the brain. An autopsy proved he suffered from a slashed kidney, broken ribs, and a bruised liver. The frat ended up having to pay his parents 2.25 million dollars to...


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