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Montana 1948

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t is not uncommon that childhood plays a pivotal role in children’s growing which will affect children’s whole life. It is universally acknowledged that childhood is a vital stage to cultivate individual personality, view of the world and value of life. They learn from their social life to acquire the accumulation of experience that social skills and communicational ability. Nevertheless, some adolescents’ lives are inundated with complaint, grief and pessimism. Obviously, it can be in large measure attributed to the negative environment. The point is best illustrated with the instance of David Hyden whose life was changed permanently by a painful event. In Montana 1948, our narrator as a twelve year old boy whose personality was innocent and whose mind was naïve, and his view of the world and life was enthusiastic. I would be hard-pressed to imaging that his original characteristic can be dramatically affected, altered, or even destroyed by his childhood’s experience. Consequently, my essay will elaborate that which elements constitute the main issue to induce his characteristic from innocence to virtual cynicism.
  The significant plot about Montana 1948 is to obverse the narrator’s reaction and statement from a series of altered events in his family. As a matter of fact, the whole novel reflects that the social issue evolves a contradiction in a family, and then it has rendered this family to be broken, even it changes a young boy’s future. Furthermore, it impels David to run contrary with his innocence and idealism, and his view about this society was totally changed when he confronts with a traumatic life.
  Initially, it is evident that David is an innocent and naïve boy. Nonetheless, David’s altering can be attributed by the effect of his relatives. In the first place, David as a 12 years old juvenile boy prefers to wildness that getting out of town and into the country, and he is into fishing and hunting. There is no doubt that David has a common...


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