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Fantastic Mr Fox Movie Review

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Fantastic Mr Fox movie review
Far from the British novel written by Roald Dahl, Wes Anderson’s adaptation is barmy yet brilliant. Mr Fox is still portrayed as having an inventive capacity, skilful in deceit, his character is simply spectacular. I think it’s important how Wes Anderson kept the character of Mr Fox in the book the same as in the movie.
The advertisement for the movie is rather misleading as McDonald’s Happy Meal box advertises the movie on the box, which would indicate it’s for a younger audience where I believe it’s for an older audience as the comical jokes are not aimed at children but are for the adults. On other hand the movie is rated a PG, where an adult is required to attend with their children during the running of the film; this might indicate it’s for the older audience.
What brings the movie to life is the brilliance of choice in using stop motion instead of experiencing the smooth computerized impersonality of most modern animated movies. You sense the presence of the artist behind the screen, the life force. The impact of using stop motion is incredible; it’s still an animated appearance to the younger audience which will grab the viewer’s attention but also for the older audience it creates a memory of their childhood.
Don’t be fooled by the book as the movie is nothing like it. Its deceiving, as you are expecting the computerized animated version of your favourite childhood book, but instead you live the traditional stop motion, comical jokes and familiar voices such as George Clooney for Mr Fox. I believe that Wes Anderson choose George Clooney for the voice of Mr Fox for an older audience. Children wouldn’t recognize who the voice was behind the character, but only see Mr Fox; so why choose George Clooney?
I believe that Wes Anderson directed the film for an older audience, but also for a younger audience to enjoy; and that’s why it is rated a PG. Due to the comical jokes, stop animation, and choice of Roald Dahl’s famous...


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