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Art Paper

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Duane Michals was born on February 18, 1932 and he was a American photographer. He was born in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. As a young lad Michals became interested in art and eventually wanted to pursue it later in his life but, first he went to the University of Denver and got a B.A and decided that he would do other things with his life. When Michals was age twenty-four he decided to go to Parsons School of Design in New York to become a graphic designer. Then one day, Michals went to Russia and realized he had something for photography, from that point on Michals was a well know photographer around the states. (J.M #1) Continuing, the photo that was chosen is called “Who Am I?” This photo is very important because it shows two sides of things. To explain, the guy on the right is the good one and he is looking into the mirror and the bad side of him which is all deformed and stretched in weird ways. It also represents many different identities that people have in their lives and in this case there are three and, all three of the faces are in different shapes which shows that identities aren’t always the same and sometimes people hide something that they are afraid of or know as ‘covering up.’ Besides that, there are many other features to the photo, elements of art and lastly the principles of design. (Who Am I? #2)
Furthermore, Who Am I is a very intense photo, on the right is a young man that is staring into a large oval shaped mirror which had two distorted faces in it. The background is white except for the far left where there is all black to draw more attention to the middle of the photograph where the faces are. Then there is his hand that is outstretched across the photograph and it is holding up the mirror and it almost looks like a bridge which allows the viewers eyes to scroll back and fourth from the regular face to the two ones on the mirror. (Who Am I? #2) In the photo, the young man’s eye is connected in the mirror, and that might represent that...


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