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Emotional Questionnaire 1

Emotional Questionnaire Results Survey

Crystal Mitchell

PSY 206

Chris Trego

November 29, 2009

Emotional Questionnaire 2

Emotional Questionnaire Results Survey

I have learned by taking   the emotional IQ survey that what the results have given me are very true

about me. It’s hard to look at some results that a questionnaire gives you can tell so much about yourself. It

gave me some good feedback also, I know I can change but in my mind I’m to busy to do so. By me

thinking like this I get side tract and start feeling over exaggerated.

The results tell me I’m slightly above average in my emotional IQ , with room to grow. They hit

the spot when they said I’m sensitive to the emotional climate of people around me. Sometimes I feel as if

I’m here to please others before pleasing myself. I almost always put others needs before my own. I need to

stop and think is it more important to put mine before others. I feel stressed because I get behind in things I

need to get done, because I do for others. Therefore never putting time in for me to relax or give myself

some me time , its more like others time.

I need to stop and think about what I can do to relieve some stress and tension out of my life. I

need to think of ways to relieve stress in my work and at home Am I handling these situations correctly?

No, I’m not I need to stop working so hard and at home I need to ask for help with cleaning and errands.

Plenty of negative thoughts run through my head all day long. Did I do well enough? Did I get everyone’s

priorities straight before I handle my own? Am I really smart enough to do this? Thinking more positive

thoughts is what I need to start doing. I know I can do anything I want I need to stop letting my inner

defender think for me. Sharing my feelings with others is something I do not do. I don’t trust strongly in

someone to share things with them so I...


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