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Alfieris Charchter

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How is the character of Alfieri used to communicate the events of the play to the audience?
Alfieri is a very important character in the play. He makes the play more interesting. Alfieri is also an omniscient character which means he knows and sees everything that happens in the play even if doesn’t happen in front of him. Alfieri sees everything but he doesn’t do anything about what’s happening because he believes in fate and in the play he is a symbol of fate and he represents the Greek cores. Alfieri thinks that Eddie will still suffer from love to Catherine no matter what. Eddies passion for Catherine is too much and at the end it kills him.
Alfieri appears three times in the play – once he appears as a character in the middle of the play representing a lawyer. He appears at the start of the play making an introduction and telling us briefly about the story. He lets us know what happens to Eddie “this ones WAS Eddie Carbone” this show us that Eddie is already dead. I don’t think that Miller has given away the story by telling us about Eddie’s fate. He lets us know a little bit and makes us interested in the story. In the introduction Alfieri tells us about Eddie background and the people that surround him like the people from the red hook community. Alfieri tells us the community Eddie lives in is violent and emotional “justly shot by unjustly man” this suggests that there are no rules in that society and they make the law by themselves. Alfieri wanted peace but working as a lawyer has made him less emotional so during his speeches there is little emotion shown “now we settle for half and I like it better” shows that they are ready to compromise.
Some people suggest that Miller has written a fairy story because it has a narrator and it has moral is well. The moral tells us that sometimes you have to “settle for half”. The narrator which is Alfieri has made the play sound very realistic and very fair tale like at the same time. Since Alfieri is a...


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