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Fight for Peace

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War is an event   between communities that occur in general severe violent, incident, collision and conflict.In such a case , soldiers protect   the country or fight for their country.Civilian people would be included in the war too.From past to now, wars still continue and a lot of people are influenced.According to some people , war provides a lot of benefits for a country.They say ,war should happen for expansion of land.For example, people incur wronged in Lübnan,Iraq,Israel,Palestine,Afghanistan. In addition ,they believe people must fight for   independence.However, I think , war is unnecessary and it creates bad effects on people.People are influenced negatively, so it is harmful for them.The most important reasons against war are people can have health problems, economic problems, and social problems during war.
            When a country is in war, people have health problems.First of all, it affects their physical health.For instance, they can be physically injured and suffer harm in a war.Additionly, there are a lot of bombs and mines in war areas.They put floating mine everywhere so children,soldiers or civilian people stand on under the mine.They died and they injure people.May be ,they can die.The most children live alone in Afghanistan because their family died.Secondly ,it affects their psychological health.For example, they can incur violent and travma.They can lose their family so they feel bad.Specially, children and women are without food and water.Soldiers and men are unsleepy.All these bad conditions affect their psychological health.Some children use gun.They use force children be soldiers.Child soldiers torture.Some children commit suicide, because they feel bad and they feel alone.
                When   a country is in war, people have economic   problems.To begin with , war affects country’s economy.It can create economic crisis.People have everything disappear.Thus, people are poor.For example,they don’t have enough money, so they can’t...


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