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Crimes are becoming a serious problem in the country. Although the governments have taken many steps to curb the problem but the number of people involving committing a crime is still on the rise. What caused the crime rate raise and becoming more serious? There are several main factors such as prostitution, drug abuse, and heritable causes crimes.
Firstly, prostitution can be define as the practice of having sexual relations with emotional indifference on a promiscuous and mercy. Prostitution involves a number of types and settings including brothel, bar girls, streetwalkers, massage parlor prostitutes, call girls and other variations. Prostitution is a crime because it is involves by youths, both male and female, under the age of 18. A large amount is increase in the sexual exploitation of children, due to the youth orientation of society, to growing sexual permissiveness and to eroding family. Prostitute chooses to work at more dangerous location, in order to avoid police detection, dangerous location can increase more crime among these prostitutes. In Malaysia, more prostitutes brought by a pimp from our neighbor country like China, Myanmar, Thailand and so on. These phenomena will give negative effect to our country image; government should take serious action to prevent the prostituting industry.
Secondly, drug abuse causes crime due to lack of knowledge exposure of drug among people. There are positive effects and negative effects of drugs. Most of the people are influenced by negative side of drugs. Some people take drugs to help them to release their work pressure, family problem and financial problem. The effects of people taking drugs are that they will feel extremely pleasured and highly satisfied. Although the drugs do help them on releasing their life’s pressure, there is potential of the person who takes drugs to act in extraordinary ways. These behaviors include increasing their courage on their attempts to commit crimes such as to rob, to...


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