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"Because I love you"

As I walked up the disused path towards the dilapidated house located in the secluded wood, the trees around me rocked violently in the thrashing winds, their branches reaching out like crooked hands desperate for flesh.   The hinges squeaked as I forcefully pushed open the rustic looking front door. My lungs expanded and my nostrils flared as I breathed in the heavy musty smell; that seemed to linger in the atmosphere. There was a thick blanket of dust which coated every surface in sight. I stepped cautiously towards the centre of the room; the ancient floorboards creaked like they were moaning under the pressure of my feet.

My eyes were drawn towards a picture that was hanging askew on the bare wall to my right. The picture seemed to capture me, drawing me in. I was so engrossed I did not realise the gusts of wind which were making hasty movements around the already icy cold room behind me.

The blast of air awakened a pile of paper causing them to flutter around the room catching my attention. I stumbled across to the pieces of paper which lay again lifeless on the floor. A small screeching whine emulated from the top of the staircase. Collecting all the pieces of paper up, I disguarded them in a pile in the corner of the room. The screeching whining noise sounded again causing me to jolt from my kneeling position.

Curiosity pulsated through my veins. Pulling myself together I wandered to the bottom of the stair case. The banister was a dark expensive looking wood engraved in elaborate detail. I clasped my hand round the banister and warily walked up the stairs with the dust accumulating round my hand from the banister.

I soon reached the top of the stairwell, my eyes wondered around taking in the sights of the slender hallway and the heavy doors that lead off from them. The floor was swamped in a think dingy carpet that hinted colour under the thickness of the mounting dust.

One of the heavy doors squeaked open on its own...


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