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“Positive & Negative Effects of Colonialism

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Colonialism is a system of external domination in which all aspects of society are controlled by another nation. Colonialism created a pattern of underdevelopment in Belize. For the workers and their family, this pattern of relying only on forestry instead of developing the land created poverty and hardship. Colonialism had positive and negative effects on the Belize society from the 20th century.   In the early 20th century, the forest industry revived for a short time. Mahogany and new product chicle, were the main export items in Belize.
In the year 1929 – 2940 the economy of the United States had collapsed. We call this Great Depression. This act caused the price of timber to fall. Later on the produce of chicle had declined again. Belize still did not have a good road system, causing the loggers to go farther to find unused forests. The Belize Estate and Produce Company started the first saw mill in Belize in the year 1933.
Mahogany remained the main export of Belize all through this time. But later on in the years, 1913, 1914 these mahogany workers suffered the most. These workers were paid at an average of $12.64 a month. As of this cause, mahogany. When the mahogany product was in demand and the prices were high more people were paid less, and many more loss their jobs. After the Great Depression crisis the economy never recovered.
The mahogany land owners kept their power over their land up until the 20th century. The Belize Estate and Company owned over half of the best private land in Belize. These lands
were sold for many different reasons that the mahogany land owners had. After World War II, land owners sold their land to many of the large estates. Most of these lands were sold to people from the United States of America. Over half of all the Belize lands were owned by foreigners. These foreigners were from United States, Britain and England. But these people still didn’t keep these lands for their own use. They again went and resold it at a...


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