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Parents Are the Blame for Childhood Obesity

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Parents are the Blames for Childhood Obesity
As weintraub stated in,The Battle Fast Food Begins in the Home."its time to get parents to take same responsibility to protect their children from unhealthy food and lack of excerise." I strongly agree with him. We need to help the children today. we can help our children by cooking healthy foods, setting a good example, going for a walk/ run or simply saying no to your child. Without our help and support the worst will happen to them.Childhood obestiy is like murder, and you are helping your child slowly kill themselves.
Parents can tell their child what they can and cant dso, yet they balme the fast food industry for their mistakes by allowing their children to become obese." It is parents-not the government, not the fast food companies, not the video games manufactures-who are responisble for teaching kids healthy habits. Can they use some help? sure. But they are they are the ones who need to step up to the plate,so to speak."Said The Battle Fast Food Begins in the Home. Some parents use the excueses that they cant cook and they are in a hurry thats why they just grab a bit to eat, but nothing is more important then your childs health.Taking the time to go to the market and get a salad or even an apple for your child.
By setting an good example, you arre allowing your child to understand that their health is important. "Child fitness is getting more and more attention these days, and rightly so. But the danger in well-meaning studies and more, in lawsuits against the fast food industry, that sends a message to parents and kids that obestiy is somebody else`s fault."The Battle Fast Food Begins in the Home. The wii fit is a video game that is manufactured by Nintendo. It is an exercising game that is consisting of activites. These activites allow you to play bowling and golf to use your arms muscles and games like yoga to kearn to use your upper and lower body. The Wii fit has alot of different activites,...


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