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Music 27

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Music is the speech of angels . Angels are the exemplifications of
goodness , uprightness , and everything that bespeaks of morality and
mortality . It is said that music is the child of prayer and the
companion of religion . Among the Hindus and the Egyptians , music is
interwoven with religion . I
Aristotle , the great philosopher , saw in music not only enjoyment ,
relaxation , and recreation , but also release of tension and an incentive
to a positive development of character . Likewise Plato , another Greek
philosopher said , ``Through music , rhythm and harmony find their ways
into the inner-most soul of man which becomes part of his personality '
Music is the unifying element where man finds adequate expression and
inner satisfaction for feelings . Dignity and love of work is manifested
in songs about the boatman (barcarolle , sailor (chantey , and the
farmer (Japanese rice planting songs . Early history of man has a
treasure of songs evoking friendship (English , victory (Greeks , grief ( Russians , and festivities ( French . The Belgians have songs for
bathing , and the Vikings also had songs about rowing their boats . John
Dewey said in Sobritchea 's `` Famous People on Music , As sculpture
expresses the enduring , the stable , and the universal , so music
expresses stir , agitation , movement , the particular , and contingencies
of existence.

Music helps establish emotional integrity . Fully aware of his social
and moral responsibilities , the teachers uses remedial measures to
extricate the student from delinquent situations , safe from the thorny
clutches of evil and vice and from crime - through new musical
presentations such as music in the puppet and marionette shows .
That music is a manna for emotional catharsis finds evidence in the
continuing proliferation of music groups , vocal and instrumental , and in
the various contests and festivals which allow the surfacing of talents
of the people , young an old (...


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