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When I first entered the metropolitan museum my first   impression   was

Based   on   the size of the museum   and the   columns   in the front entrance It  

is a enormous   museum with   several floors   and has a large quantity of

classic and modern art. I was   very Impressed with the large quantities of

historical   sculptures they had which ranged from   a variety of   venerable  

mythological   gods who   were   depicted in more   than one way. For the first

time in my life I saw an   actual   ancient chariot   that   was used in battle

which was interesting to me as well. I was also impressed   by the art created

by Pablo Ruiz Picasso.
    During my   second trip to   the museum   I was fascinated   of the amount of

archeological   material   they had in   multiple rows   of glass cabinets. The

Impression   the museum had   on me was   stunning   because of   the beauty

And the ornate   details   of the   sculptures. All of the   sculptures in the  

Museum   had a significant   effect on the   people who   visited. I noticed  

Several   individuals lining   up   to take   photographs   of   one sculpture   in

Particular and several   sitting   down   in   front of   it drawing it as   well.  

Which   is   what lead   me to make   my   decision   on   the   particular  

sculpture   I   am going to   elaborate on.  

The   sculpture   I choose to   write about is   named   the Hope Dionysus   after  

its former owner   Thomas   Phlip   Hope. It was   attributed by   the sculptor  

Pheidias   late 1st century A.D. and   was   later   restored   by   Vincenzo   Pacetti  

During   the 18th   century. The   height   of the sculpture is   82 ¼   inches. The  

figure   Dionysus   is shown   standing   while his left arm   is   resting on what

appears to be a cloak which is draped over on the   female figures’   head   for  

support, who   is identified as   Spes   the personification   of hope.

The   cloak extends   towards his   back   under his arm pit   and over his   right...


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