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experience that made me fear a strong emotion was when I was 10 years old back in my country. It all started when I was in school in the 4th grade. My teacher Mrs. Rodriguez was hitting me with a wooden ruler and embarrassing me in front of the class and kids would just laugh. Towards that I then fear emotion of confidence in school with my other teachers and students.
In the first place, when I started 4th grade Mrs. Rodriguez seemed to be the perfect science teacher but she wasn’t. She used to carry around a 15 inch wooden ruler with her just to hit the student when they didn’t do their homework or got a wrong answer. After the days started to pass my friends and I called her the evil witch of the school. One day she heard my friend Randy talking in the class and she went up to him and bit him up with the wooden ruler. My friend started crying and I told her to stop, as soon as she heard my voice she told me to mind my own business and to go face the back corner of the room. We were all scared of that teacher but, since that day she started to pick on me more often.
In fact, in the Dominican Republic many teachers are cruel and mean with students. Many of them also, like to abuse children’s and they take advantage of that because they cannot get in trouble unless there is prove of what she’s doing wrong. Instructors can’t get in trouble because of the fact that the rules over there are strict and they have the power to do their own rule. In other words, teachers cannot get arrested for child abuse and they do whatever they want. I remember my mom going almost every week to school because I use to bring home bruises in my arms and hands. The teachers pretended to listened to my mom in front of her and make any lying excuse not to get in trouble but in her back she was like a devil with us. She told my mom I got those bruises playing rough with my friends. After that moment my mother thought I was a liar.
Thirdly, my grandmother Bertha came from New York and...


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