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Principle, vice principle, administer staff, auxiliary workers and students good after noon my name is Terrence Clarke. I come before you to speak about the tenth grader to have decided to leave school prematurely or before there time to leave school the internet defines examination   the process of looking at and considering something carefully with the idea of learning something. Education is very important that why you have people like the prime mister, teachers, doctor, nurse and etc who are well educated that why you must try to finish school tenth grades. I promise that this will benefits you a whole lot because you will be able to buy   house , cars and you will able to manage your family have a good education you can be anything you want in life just try to leave school with at least six subject. For example if you do not like the boss and how he is paying you, you have the right to leave or demand more money .when you do not qualify for any job you suffer because you are working for minimum wages and that is about three to four thousand dollar . And if you have a family before time you cannot manage the bills, clothing, food and etc it will be so hard that you might   end up stealing or even worst getting arrest my the police please try not to leave school literate stay in school you have nothing to loss but alot to gain so I advice you to stay in school so that you may be a better man or girl of tomorrow in this country the population of individual you are unable to get a descent is a million to one on the behalf of principle ,vice principle   and students I   thank you desire


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