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Policy Change Needed

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Cell Phones in Class

    Most adults believe that cell phones should be kept at home and not be allowed in school.   However many students need to have their phones available for use after school and most students take care of their phone during school hours by either putting it in their locker turned off or in their pocket either off or on silent mode.   Therefore I strongly believe that cell phones should not be banned from school and that as long as they are not being used during school hours they should be allowed to be present in the classroom.
  The first reason why I believe cell phones should be allowed in school is because many students need them after school to arrange to be picked up or make plans.   Students that are involved in after school sports or after school clubs need to have their phone with them in case the club is canceled or the sport gets out early so they can call their parents to arrange a ride home.   Many times during football season if the weather got bad the coaches would chose to end practice earlier than the usual time and if I wouldn't have had my phone with me to call my parents with, I would have had to walk home.   There are also many times after school when I want to go over to a friend’s house and I have to call my mom or dad to ask for their permission to go.   If students aren't allowed to have their phones with them it will make it much harder for them to hangout with their friends and go places after school.
    In contrast many people could argue that being with your friends is not really that important so why make such a big deal about it?   People could easily say, "why not just wait until you get home and ask your parents and get a ride over to your friends house?"   Although that is a very good point the problem is that many students may not want to take the time to go home first and have to ask their parents.   Many students that have parents that work aren't home when the student gets home which makes it so that the...


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