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True Equality Is Impossible on Animal Farm

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Equality, what is it? Equality is the act being equal.
In the nineteen forty-five novel, Animal Farm, true equality
is impossible. Napoleon the boar, also the self proclaimed
leader of Animal Farm is one of the reasons why. He ranks the
animals, changes the laws of animalism to his liking and
rewards “superior” animals with luxuries. In all, like in
human society, true equality ceases to exist on Animal Farm.

Napoleon, being the selfish leader that he is, had
negatively impacted the equality of the animals on Animal
Farm. Before the rebellion had even begun equality was one
of the main goals the animals were aiming for. When Old Major
the boar, in chapter one, first raised the idea of animalism,
he stated the main things that an animal must never forget,
and one of them was, “all animals are equal”. When Snowball
the pig was leader of Animal Farm he kept a majority of things
fair but when Napoleon took charge he made the pigs and dogs
of higher status than any other animal on the farm. He gave them
privileges and did not force them to work all day like the other
animals. This does indeed show that Napoleon had impacted the
equality of the animals living on Animal Farm in a negative way.

When animalism had first begun a group of laws was
established. No animal ever dared to go against these laws.
Napoleon however changed every single one of these laws,
even the one that said, “All animals are equal”. Napoleon had
thought of the pigs as superior to other animals so he changed
this law to, “All animals are equal, but some are more equal
than others”. This proves that Napoleon had always thought as
himself as more equal than any other animal therefore true
equality is impossible.

It is clear and is proven on a number of occasions, that
Napoleon favors himself and the pigs over any other animal.
The animals on Animal Farm had to work for their food even
though they were not given very much. The pigs on the other
hand did not...


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