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There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.
(Hamlet, Ace 2, Scene 2)
Why did I picked it?
When I used it in conversation
First, I used this quote when I was talking with my mom.
When we were talking about the toyota’s recall issues.
I told her that there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.
And she said “Well, there is surely good or bad in this world. But those immature guys insist their immature wrong thoughts to a good thoughts.
Second, I used this quote when I was talking with church pastor.
And his answer was this: There is a good or bad thing and world is filled with those good and bad things.
Third, I used this quote when I was talking with my friends and unfortunately, they wasn’t responding to it. We were talking about the Toyota’s recall issue, and one of my friend said :Still, Toyota is bad, they tricked us and their lying could harm everyone who drives toyota
Related current events
For Iraq war, the war actually begin with the 9/11, which is the terrorists’ attack for their hatred for US. Terrorists’ hatred for US started with certain point in 1980s I believe. What I want to ask them is; Is that hatred really justifiable? Isn’t it only your own thoughts that makes hatred for us?
For President Obama’s achievements of his term, Many people criticize it or praise it. For some policies that get praises by people. It could be ruining our life somehow. And some policies that blame the president can actually help our life to be better. Those criticizing people and complimenting people is acting based on their own thoughts.
For Toyota’s recall issue, people will think that Toyota did the bad thing because they told a lie to everyone in US and deceive the US. For me, I agree that Toyota did the bad thing. But if you remind the quote. That “bad” thing can be seen as a “unavoidable thing” that Toyota had to decide. I know they were tricking people and do some worse things. But I could...


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